Have a Gymnastics-Themed Party

Affordable Custom Party Packages

Premier Gymnastics & Cheer Academy in Morganville, NJ invites you to celebrate your kids’ birthday with a fun-filled, gymnastics-themed party. Each party package includes exciting games, activities, obstacle courses, open gym play, and, of course, gymnastics. Our party packages have an affordable base fee of $275 that is inclusive of food and a complete party schedule.

Birthday Party Room

What to Expect During the Party

Party Package Pricing

*Packages B & C include an extra instructor.

*All package pricing is in addition to the base rate of $275.00

*Food for adult guest is not included in our package. However, we would be more than happy to order additional food for you.

*If you would like to substitute pizza for another lunch option the price of your package may change.

Each Party Package Includes

Additional Items

* Full price for Basic party up to 24 kids

* For 25 - 31 kids a 3rd instructor is required

* For 32+ kids a 4th instructor is required

Book Our Gym for Your Party!

Celebrate your child’s birthday at our gym! With our professional instructors and well-maintained facilities, your little one can have fun partying while learning new skills. Call us today and plan a gymnastics-themed party. Our gym also accommodates parents’ nights out. Are you or your sports team looking for a place to practice gymnastics after work? Don’t worry. You are more than welcome to use our facilities at night.

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